1964 Chevrolet Shortbed Stepside pickup

This truck originated in Minnesota and moved to Arizona within the first few years of its life. It was in the same family until we bought it… Grandpa bought it new in '64 when he was a younger man, in the '90s he passed it on to his son, and in 2010 it was passed on to the grandson. The young fella wanted a sporty car so sold this truck to us. It has no rust, but it has a big ding in the passenger door where sonny got backed into in the parking lot at school.

It has the original 6 cylinder engine, with a lugger 4 speed transmission. It is in very good condition for a 1964. Sweet truck that would be very easy to make into a car show runner. You have a great start with this 99% rust free body. Runs and drives, but you can't do 75 in it, but it will cruise all day long at 55 :).
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