1967 Ford Explorer F250 2WD
SOLD for $7,700 July 2019 CAD (Canadian dollars)
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It has a 300 CI in-line 6 with a lugger 4 speed trans and posi track rear end.

This truck is free of rust, but has had a paint job somewhere back in the 90s. We have put a magnet to it and if there is bondo, it is very scarce. There is nowhere the magnet did not stick.

It is VERY solid, and will haul literally tons. I personally talked to the old farmer (and his wife) who owned it, and he told me that he would haul 30 - 40 one hundred pound feed sacks in it. Very dependable solid old unit.

The interior is in excellent condition except a small burn hole in the driver's seat. Everything else is original and works. The horns were replaced (but saved) because we could not get the horns to work before we took the truck, and have not yet done any troubleshooting on them. They were replaced with new ones, with a push-button mounted on the steering column.

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